New Comic Day 06/04/2008

New comic day is upon us once again. Luckily, after the serious hurt that last week put on my wallet, this one was a much smaller haul. This week I bought...

Let's take a little look at the highlights for the week.
If I’ve never mentioned it before, one of my favorite runs in comic book history was the Stern/Byrne run on Captain America (which brought us such gems as the Machinesmith and Cap’s run for presidency). This series reminds me a whole lot of those kind of storylines. Just enough mystery in the plot, a really compelling title character who does a great job of capturing the essence of old Captain America, really this book has everything you could want in a simple, fun read. My only gripe with the series so far has been these two villains behind the scenes who never seemed to actually do much of anything. This issue seems to mark the beginning of their involvement in the actual plot itself, which should be interesting. I’m upset that there are only going to be two more issues of this.

I’m going to sum up why you should by this book in just six words. Mental. Organism. Designed. Only. For. Genocide.

Carry on.

I’ve heard some people saying that the plot progression in this book is to slow. To that I have to ask, why do you hate everything that is good? Saying you don’t like this story, especially after the twist in this issue, is like saying you don’t like pictures of adorable puppies and kitties snuggling each other in a laundry basket. I mean, isn’t that just the cutest thing ever? Seriously, I challenge someone to show me something cuter. Wait, what were we talking about again?

A small amount of reviews for a small weekly haul. What did you guys buy today?

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