COMING SOON: Nova City Stories

Written by Ryan Eldridge (that's me!) with art provided by Lyle Pollard (pencils), Peter Palmiotti (inks) and Mike Watkins (colors). Coming soon from Highburn Studios.


Searching for my lost love

A 23-year-old computer technician who loves to read comics, sleep in the nude, and wear a hat.


Where are you, McRib? I love you.


The day Chris Sims shat himself in awe. That day is today, ladies and gents.

Some of you may recall my brief stint as a staff writer over at ProjectFanboy.com. In my time there, I managed to get myself signed up on man mailing lists for publishers, etc when they promote new books. Usually it's stuff that's not of much interest to me, but today was a big exception to that rule. Today I learned about the greatest comic since Ayre Force.

Sucka, you'd better believe I'm talking about:


That's right, folks. This comic seems to be about Triple-H, Undertaker, and some guy in a hat* (Sorry, I haven't watched wrestling since the 90's. Wolfpac 4-Life) fighting zombies and a bunch of pissed Talky Tawny knock-offs. I assume they're pissed because the best gig they could get was appearing in WWE HEROES.

Anyway, I hear Mr. Sims is going to be covering this later tonight at Comics Alliance, so I'll let him fill in the real details, but I'll leave you with this actual description from the press release:

Issue #1 reveals an eternal rivalry set against the backdrop of the history of WWE. Why is the ruthless Shadow King so obsessed with WWE? What is the reason for his eternal and supernatural war with the Firstborn? And could his ancient opponent really be a member of the WWE roster?

*UPDATE 02/19/2010 : Further research has led me to know that this man in a hat is John Cena, and that I still totally like wrestling.


Oh right, bacon cake...

Ok, one quick one while I'm thinking about it. Back in February, I posed a question. A question that I did not answer. The question:

What happens if you put bacon inside cake?

The Answer: Not such a good idea.

Horrific Tales Anthology Issue #2

Ok, ok, I know I promised that this post would be a big epic post to fill you in on everything I've been up to lately. But, after realizing how much work that would be, I figure I'll break it down into a bunch of little posts to save time.

For starters, here's a quick sneak peek at some sample art from two of my stories in Midnight Horizon Comics' annual horror anthology, Horrific Tales. The book is being organized by Highburn studiomate Kenny Keen (he's also the publisher), and is slated to come out just prior to Halloween this year. It will feature two separate two-page stories written by yours truly. I won't give too much away about the stories, but be on the look out for The Moth and The Flame and The Young Astronomer coming soon!


Been Away For A While, But I'm Back In Town...

Baby, I know I've been neglecting you. I know I've been making half-assed posts since, well, since the blog started really. But I'm a changed man, honest!

Anyways, sweet, sweet apologies aside, I've been thinking about this blog again lately. I've been neglecting writing here in exchange for writing comic book scripts with my friends over at Highburn Studios. But, I think it's about time for some new comics and other such nonsense to be discussed here. No promises or anything, but I'm trying.

I'll post again later with a big synopsis of everything that has ever happened.


Well, this is a good one!

Alan Moore be damned, I would totally watch this show. And that makes me really sad.


There's a new Chuck in town

Screw Mr. Norris, there's a brand new Chuck in town. That's right, ladies, I'm talking about game show host extraordinaire Chuck Woolery:
FACT*: It is speculated that he owns over 400 diamond rings. He is such a fan of diamonds that he owns a diamond-encrusted bass guitar.

*Fact is from Wikipedia and might not actually be true, but I kinda hope it is.


New Con Sketch!

Superbowl Sunday was also the day of the more recent Atlanta Comic Convention. As I usually do, I got local artist and buddy Jason Flowers to do a sketch while I was there. I try to keep it pretty interesting, as he's usually willing to draw whatever I pay him for. This time his criteria was "Draw Captain America doing the most American thing you can think of" (which is the theme for a new con sketchbook I bought recently). Anyways, have a look at the final results!


Why you shouldn't go to 4chan at 2:46 AM after a long night of drinking

If you've ever wondered why you shouldn't go to 4chan at 2:46 AM after a long night of drinking, the answer is nbecause you will find this funny enough to post on your blog and not talk about comics


Bob Odenkirk wants to photograph your penis

So, here's a question to all of you folks out there who aren't reading this blog anymore. Are you getting tired of all these video posts? Yeah well fuck you. However, if you're reading this. I love you.

Seriously. Sheila, if you're reading this, call me back. I miss you terribly. I'm nothing without you.


You're Gonna Love My Nuts

This isn't really comics related, but this guy is so awesome and nonsensical that I had to share

Tacos, Fettucini, Linguini, Martini, Bikini indeed, Sir!


So, I saw The Spirit...

...and I really wish I hadn't.

But, the plus side is, it allowed me to develop this new The Spirit Drinking Game! Here's the rules

Take 1 shot every time you wish the movie would end
Take 2 shots every time you wish your life would end.

And remember, folks: