New Comic Day 05/29/2008

First off, let me apologize for the late update here. Apparently after delaying the book sales for a day, Diamond thought it was a good idea to send my store's books to Iowa instead of Georgia. But, now I've got them and I've read them, and it's time for you to act like you care what I thought about them. Let's take a look at this week's list.

If you look closely, you'll notice that there are a suspiciously larger amount of DC comics than I usually buy. Honestly, I think it's the most DC comics I've ever bought at the same time. Though, really, this is the most comics I've bought all at once in a while. Let's take a look at this weeks highlights and lowlights.

ACTION COMICS #865 I'm not usually much of a "Superman person", but any comic that features both Toyman AND Jimmy Olsen as the main focal points is worth picking up. This one didn't disappoint.

ANGEL: REVELATIONS #1 An origins book about one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time. It's good to see Mr. Worthington presented in a way that doesn't make me want to strangle him (as he has in almost every incarnation on page and screen since X-Factor #1). The art is much different than what I normally go for, but somehow it just seems to work with this particular story. If you've got any interest in the title character at all, I'd recommend picking up this mini-series from the start.

BLUE BEETLE #27 I've heard nothing but good reviews about this series and, honestly, I've been meaning to start picking it up for a long time now. Really the only thing keeping me from doing it is my own OCD about coming into a storyline halfway in. After all the big to-do being made on the internet about issue #26, I decided it was time for me to finally break down and hop on board. I gotta say, this book absolutely rocks. Just the right amount of humor and action, this could easily become my favorite DC book (take THAT, Green Arrow/Black Canary).

DAREDEVIL #107 Well I couldn't rightly pass up sucking Ed Brubaker's dick again this week about my favorite comic series of all time. To be fair to the whole writing staff, I guess Greg Rucka gets a reach-around. All homoeroticism aside, this book yet again hits everything right on the mark. The art is terrific, the plot is well executed, and it's got Luke Fucking Cage and Daredevil getting KRUNKK in it. Were this any other writing team penning a plot about any other Marvel character, this would be right about the time in the series where I complain about the title character being too much of a sissy bitch and lose interest. But somehow, I can't help but forgive Matt Murdock for pulling a Spider-Man 3.

FINAL CRISIS #1 (OF 7) I readily admit, I have no real clue about DC continuity up to this point. I haven't followed Countdown or any of the other stuff that has been prepping the DCU for Final Crisis (aside from the first few issues of Death of the New Gods, which I dropped at issue 2). But, I really can't justify passing up on multiverse changing events, so (on the suggestion of Alex) I decided to pick this up. The art is fantastic, and really the first few pages featuring Metron are pretty classic. After that, I was pretty much lost. I'm still planning on picking up the rest of the run, but for now I can say it's not at the top of my read list.

MARVEL 1985 #1 Well, it's official. Between Kick-Ass and this book, Mark Millar is too good of a writer not to have sold his soul. I imagine several demons hunched over old typewriters making books that are far too awesome, while Millar sits in his La-Z-Boy watching South Park and eating cheez-its. If you didn't buy this book and you have ever been a child, I'd recommend you stop reading some stupid blog (not this one, which is perfection embodied, mind you) and go buy this book. It's fantastic.

NEW AVENGERS #41 Mr. Bendis, I want to apologize for saying that you were a douchebag with absolutely zero writing talent. Obviously you've just been fooling us all these years by pretending to suck. Then again, I could just be saying that because of the giant dinosaur on the first page.

NEW WARRIORS #12 It's good to finally see an issue of New Warriors that doesn't completely focus around the new Night Thrasher and how much of a dick he is. As heroes, I don't really car much for most of the characters, but this issue has finally taken the time to flesh them out beyond "a bunch of whiny super-brats" and into some surprisingly cool survivalists. This one is saved from the chopping block for now.

WOLVERINE: FIRST CLASS #3 I'm almost completely certain that the New Men are one of the greatest group of secondary characters ever written for comic books. They're the kind of folks you can completely forget even exist until they turn up again in a book like this. And, really, any book that features a lady with a cow head and Wolverine being called "Weasel Man" more than his actual name is a winner in my book.