Late New Comics Day: A.K.A Drunk Sunday Post

Sunday Morning, 1:16 A.M. and I am TANKED! So, time for me to tell you about my new comics I bought this New Comics Day!

Let's start with:
The Order #5: I've talked about the previous issues in a previous Drunk Sunday post. Well, I grabbed this issue, and guess what. It's fucking good! Not to offer too many spoilers for those of you who haven't read yet, but I hope for characters with kinetokinesis (Latin for Movement Movement) to come up in the future. That's not a typo, kinetokinesis is the same word just repeated. make your own judgement there.

My next big purchase was:
Messiah CompleX #6, Uncanny X-Men #493. This issue was almost so good I forgot how much I hate Cable. Honestly, if the rest of the series makes me like Cable as much as this issue did, I might end up buying the new Cable series coming out next year. On a side not, Chris made a good point about the unintentional hilarity about this issue.

Next came:Omega The Unknown #3. This series so far has been kind of iffy for me. Until now I've not been able to determine if I actually liked the comic or not. The reasoning behind that being that it was difficult for me to tell if Jonathan Lethem meant for the writing to be awkward, or if he was just a terrible writer. This issue sealed it. This is a fucking great series. If you're not reading it, you should be.

Lastly, on a suggestion from the previously mention Chris, I picked up:
Suburban Glamour #2. I've yet to read #1 (Galactic Quest was sold out), but #2 has all the slightly awkward charm of Omega The Unknown, while still being grounded sort of in reality. Suffice it to say "holy crap, this is one of my favorite new comics. seriously, just fucking buy it"

If you're wondering why i've not done any reviews of comics or posted any scans, it's because I left my digital camera at my grandmother's house while I was there for Thanksgiving. But never fear, True Believer, i'm going back there next weekend and getting my camera back! So stay tuned for many new 25 Cent Thursday posts.

Also, after drinking a large amount of Evan Williams 1783 and then switching to Jim Beam, I learned that Jim Beam tastes like cashew nuts. Seriously, try it.

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