Drunk Sunday Post on a Monday!

Hello faithful Marvelites!

Well, it's Monday morning and i'm unable to sleep. I'm drunk since last night. So, I decided to make my traditional Drunk Sunday post on Monday morning. Unfrotrunately I'm too tanked to actually read a whole comic all the way through because god damned television keeps distracting me. So, I'm just going to talk about The Order.

If you're not familiar with this comic, I recommend checking it out. I was first turned on to this one by Chris, and I must say, I was disappointed at first. Under his recommendation, I went out and picked up the 4 issues that are out so far. the first two were not that great. I think mostly due to the strange layout style in the book. A lot of the pages are full of panels of basically the same picture over and over again. Reminds me a lot of Get Your Civil War On, really. Only, less funny and more drama-y.

However, now that I am sufficiently tanked, issue 3 is really great! I think that I have now figured out the secret.

Matt Fraction and Barry Kitson drink more than I do.

If I had a scanner (and knew how to operate a scanner in a drunken state) I'd scan some of the funny. But, alas, not the case. So, just imagine some funny stuff here. See it? Good.

Fuck, even I can see there's no funny there. Don't kid yourself. Here's some unrelated funny.

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