Apocalypse presents: The Batender's Bible, vol 1

Greeting True Believer! If you're reading this, it can only mean that you're the newest recruit here at Apocalypse's Bar and Grill. I'll be training you here at the bar until you get the hang of things. Let's get you started by going through:

The Bartender's Bible, featuring
Since it's your first day, we'll start easy with one of our bar's signature drinks. Named after one of the greatest tragedies ever to occur in or around a bar, allow me to present:

What are Vulture and Apocalypse talking about? I don't know. YOU TELL ME!

[also, this weekend is when I get my camera back, so be ready for a whole slew of new reviews - Rhymin' Ryan]


Spencer Carnage said...

Oh my god. I was so gonna start a whole blog around comic book inspired drinks. Then my bartending job fell through followed by me becoming incredibly lazy slash busy.

Nice post, my friend.

Ryan said...

Thanks, Spence! I'm thinking of making this a recurring thing whenever I come up with new drinks. I'm always open to suggestions for new ones to try (and, maybe blog about after trying!)

Spencer Carnage said...

Do it. I remember one idea I had was for the Speedball. I think it was vodka, red bull, blue curacao with little orange chunks in it. Never tried it but I'm sure it wouldn't be all that bad.