It's New Comic Day!

Well, it's another Wednesday here at WIFL HQ, which means it's New Comic Day yet again! Luckily, this one is slightly better than the last one I wrote about. Slightly.

So, what's on my list of 'stuff I bought on this new comic day' (not a real list)? Let's have a little peek, shall we?

Avengers: The Initiative #7
This is one i've been waiting to get my hands on for a while. It was supposed to come out a few weeks ago, but got delayed for some reason. But now it's here, and I have to say this issue has me nervous. The plot is starting to get good and complicated and there are a whole lot of good plot twists, which means one of two things:

A) It's going to be a wonderful masterpiece of a series
B) It's going to suck worse than LOST

I hope to Gog it's the first one. I also want to add, while not dishing out spoilers, totally saw the real identity of the scarlet spiders coming, but they played it well. On another note, can someone explain the comic book science that says putting a dead body in jell-o jigglers will preserve it? I'm dying to try it!

Punisher War Journal #13
I haven't read this one yet, because somehow Issue #12 was released without anyone informing me. I saw one issue once. Never seen it on store shelves, ever. Normally, wouldn't bother me, I can just pick up on little bits of what I missed while reading the next issue, but I have an odd feeling that a battle with the Hulk in what appears to be a model city (either that, or this is the greatest use of Pym's Particles ever written) has to be a pretty major plot point.
Not exactly something I'm ready to just breeze over quite yet. Gotta hunt through some of the other not-so-local shops to find a copy. Hopefully a good review of both tomorrow.

X-Factor #25 (Messiah CompleX crossover)
Another one I haven't read yet. Similarly to the last one. The 2nd installment was last week's release of Uncanny X-Men #492, but I couldn't make it out to the shop to get it, so I decided to wait until this week and just buy both. Unfortunately Messiah CompleX is apparently the hot fucking shit, so that issue went in like 2 days. Once my buddy kyle over at my local shop restocks that issue, I will buy it and read both.

Lastly we come to a series I've actually enjoyed so far:
Green Arrow and Black Canary #2
I'm not going to go too far into this, because I want to write a bigger review of both issues of the series. But if you've ever wondered what sound an Amazonian's face makes when it meets Black Canary's fist, that sounds is CRACK!

Well, that's it for new comics on New Comics Day. Hope you enjoyed reading not-funnies.

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