New Comic Day - 08/06/2008

Welcome back to a brand new installment of the reviews nobody really reads anymore, right here on Westchester Is For Lovers. Before we get into the reviews, I want to take a quick second to thank my pal Rich over at Cable and Tweed. He was nice enough to send the Deadpool and Bea Arthur picture to the folks at Newsarama, which resulted in me getting a mind-boggling amount of traffic over the weekend. Thanks Rich! Now, release the scroll!


This issue was co-drawn by both regular artis Ariel Olivetti, and Michael Lacombe. The two have vastly different artistic styles, and the contrast adds a pretty interesting way to better visualize the dual timeline of the book. Lacombe's art even manages to hold it's own fairly well against Olivetti's, though he does seem to have a rough time making Emma Frost not look funny. She's constantly pictured with her eyes crossed, or with a strange grin on her face that looks largely out of place in a character who's well known for being a sex symbol. Actually, I wasn't really pleased with the way Swierczynski writes her, either. But, regardless, the book was good, though far from the best of the series.


Finally, a Richie Rich comic for the kids of the future. This book is a collection of several unrelated shorts that range everywhere from cute to downright funny, even for larger kids like myself. Unfortunately, unlike the old Richie Rich comics, this one has a severe lack of terrible themed puns.

HULK # 5
Another suggestion from the rarely-wrong Rick, who (despite being fictional) seems to have terrific taste. I'm not a huge hulk fan, so this series has slipped under my radar. However, after reading this issue, I'm definitely going to have to go back and get the first 4 of the series. I mean, the dude apparently punches out Uatu! How can you not want to read that?

After reading this issue, I'm dying for a spin-off starring Phantom Reporter and Detective Rose. Imagine the buddy-cop wackiness. So good.

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