Pretty pictures

Comic reviews are going to have to wait until tomorrow. Until then, enjoy two new WIFL-exclusive pictures, drawn by our good friend Jason Flowers.

First up comes an epic battle that, well, just needed to be done. That's right, I'm talkin' Patrick Swayze VS. Bigfoot.

And, secondly, a picture that no human being would ever draw of their own free will. Lucky for us, I paid him, so he kinda had to. Allow me to present Deadpool and Bea Arthur.

Isn't that just the sweetest couple you've ever seen? Thanks, Jason!


Stephen said...

lmao. can i see swayze riding a zebra that would be awesome

Ryan said...

Hey, send the guy a message on his myspace (linked in the post), and he'll quite likely draw it for you.

Rich said...

Oooooh boy. Naughty.

Clarke said...

Poor, poor Deadpool. The love of his life has died.