New Comic Day - 07/06/2008

New comic day is upon us once again, and with is comes the weekly reviews. Surprisingly enough almost all my comics were really freaking good this week. I don't really have a complaint about any of them. So, you know what that means? It means these reviews probably won't be very entertaining. But you'd better read them anyways, or else your precious wife and kids might have a little accident. INCREDIBLE HERCULES # 119
I’ve heard good things about this book, and have picked up an issue here and there, but I’ve never really followed this series too closely. My big turn off was that I often have a hard time relating to the mythology-themed heroes, particularly the language. But, on the suggestion of fellow blogger Rich, I decided to grab this issue and give the series another shot. The current storyline about the group of Gods invading the Skrull homeland is a really good tie-in with Secret Invasion and I can finally see the funny aspect of the book that people talk about so often. I’m going to have to grab the next few issues to see how the series holds up.

The art in this issue is fantastic. And really, when you’re drawing a hot chick who is clad in only a handful of leaves, you need good art. By the way, did I mention there’s a hot chick who is practically naked on every single page?

MARVEL 1985 # 3
MODOK and Fin Fang Foom all in one action packed issue? Yes, please! This book is just getting more and more crazy-good as it goes.

I don’t normally review my Marvel Adventures comics every week. Mostly because they are consistently good and I can’t really find much to say about them. But every now and then, the writers through you a real curveball of an issue (get it, because they’re playing baseball on the cover. And I made a curveball joke. Eh, you’ll get it later.) As the cover would lead you to believe, this comic features the Avengers playing baseball against Galactus and the Silver Surfer in an attempt to save a planet full of very rude aliens.

It is fucking awesome.

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Rich said...

I'd suggest checking out the first Incredible Herc trade (starting with issue #112) if you can. It should be pretty cheap. I haven't picked up last week's comics yet, unfortunately. I had my shop order me that MA Avengers book too. I can't resist a baseball story.