Atlanta Comic Con, a recap

A few days ago I was reading Athens Georgia's Premiere Indie Music and Comic Blog, and came across the tip about the Atlanta Comic Convention last sunday. I've never really been to a comic con, other than DragonCon, which doesn't really count, as I never really end up looking at comics while there. The reason I've avoided them is because I'm what you might call an easy mark. Tell me a comic has a 9.4 grading and I'll stare at you blankly. Tell me that it's got a caveman fighting a Nazi and I'll pay whatever price you ask. In fact, I spent $10 on just such a comic. My point is that I'm not a real collector, I pick my comics based on how much fun I think they'll be. In other words, I buy shitty old comic books.

But, I figured with admission being only $3, I couldn't really get myself in too much financial ruin. Also, I took this as an opportunity to finally get my hands on a copy of Punisher meets Archie, which has eluded my grasp ever since the first time I heard about it. Well, as our president once said, Mission Accomplished! Amongst other many other things, I finally got my hands on an issue. And, since I know you're wondering, it is the greatest thing ever written. Let's see what else I bought.

Action Comics #289 - Superman's Super-Courtship
Action Comics #317 - The Rainbow Faces of Superman
Action Comics #418 - Who can beat Superman? More Supermen!
Action Comics #420
Action Comics #422
Action Comics #428
Action Comics #430 - Bus-Ride to Nowhere!
Action Comics #431
Action Comics #456 - Jaws of The Killer Shark
Action Comics #551
Action Comics #552
Fantastic Four #92
The Incredible Hulk #173
Lois Lane #76
Lois Lane #106
The Life of Pope John Paul II #1
Punisher Meets Archie #1
DC Special Presents: Super-Heroes Battle Super-Gorillas #16
Unknown Worlds #7
What If? #1
What If? #3
What If? #4
What If? #10
What If? #12
World's Finest #159

As you might imagine, they all look hilarious. But, the real highlight of the day was the opportunity to chat with Atlanta-based artist Jason Flowers.

Jason, along with Atlanta-based writer Jay Busbee, has a new graphic novel coming out soon called Ripped. Not to get into the deep plot points we talked about (mostly because I'm not sure if I'm allowed to or not), but the book is a time-tripping adventure to save history. From what we discussed about the book, it sounds like it's going to be a really fun read. Details on the release date are still up in the air, until the final touches are put on the book. But you had better believe I'll be grabbing a copy when it comes out and writing a review.

But, back on topic, this Jason guy is quite the nice dude who apparently draws one hell of a comic book. Oh, and also, he drew this...
Yeah, be on the look-out for more of those...


Rich said...

Nice! I'm not much of a "real" collector either. I will admit that Archie Meets the Punisher is one of the few comics for which I have *both* covers. OH YES.

Ryan said...

I'll be on the prowl for the second cover at the next show.

Rich said...

Be sure to get it graded by CGC. It will surely top Amazing Fantasy #15 in the long run.