Let's talking comics!

It's new comic book day, and thus, it's time to talk about new comics. Without spending a lot of time doing the introduction thing, I'm going to jump right into it.

Now, for the reviews!

After my good experience with Blue Beetle a few weeks ago, I decided to try my hand at another DC series I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about. I grabbed the newest issue and #9 (I would have grabbed more back issues, but the closest one to #9 was #5, and that’s a bit too much of a gap in plot for my tastes). It’s a really good read from what I’ve gotten out of the two issues so far. I was probably going to pick up the series, but then I saw “Skeets” let loose a blast of robot diarrhea all over his evil twin and a guy vomit up a thousand mind control caterpillars.. That pretty much sealed the deal for me.

GENEXT #1 & #2
Somehow a book about mutants written by Chris Claremont slipped entirely under my radar. Although the writing is a little shaky at times, the issues themselves are really fun to read. What steals the show, though, is a special mini-story in the back of issue one featuring my favorite character ever to be written in an X-Men comic, Bernard! This is one you need to buy, dig?

Oh god. Oh good god. Batman/Plastic Man team-up in issue #10? I don’t see PM in the cover preview in the back of this issue, but I certainly have my fingers crossed!

The past few issues of this book have been boring with a capital BORING. This issue, however, makes up for all of that. I’ve been hoping for a rockman-heavy issue, and this one is it. Of course, that very fact also makes this issue terribly depressing. I won’t say why, because I actually don’t want to spoil an issue as good as this. Of course, if the last page has anything to say about it, next issue will be thousands of times more awesome.

The second story that this issue offers has me severely disappointed. The story begins with Warpath hunting down a bear in the woods. All signs point to “bear fight”. Sadly, it was just not meant to be, and he saves the bear from some barbed wire and then sends it off into the woods to live in harmony with all of Mother Nature’s children.

Friggin’ indians.


Vzilla said...

Booster Gold #10:
To buy it or not to buy it???

Ryan said...

My opinion, buy it. The series is pretty darn fun.