Update time!

What? You say I totally lied before about deciding to post to this blog more? You say I haven't updated in months and months? Yeah, so what? I've been busy!

But, I've decided that, in an effort to push myself back into the habit of writing more, it's time to expand the focus of this blog. For a long time it was all comics, all the time (with a handful of movie reviews and random food stuff). That said, I've got some new interests in my life that I want to discuss when I feel the need. For starters, I've rediscovered that I like to cook. I went to culinary school for a few years to become a chef, but dropped out because I don't like cooking for mass amounts of other people. Now that me and food have started to smooth things back out, I'll be using this to share random recipes I come up with or enjoy, as well as to talk about anything involving food that I feel the need to share (see the review of Taco Bell's butt tacos below). I am also very involved in pro-wrestling as of late. I'll probably talk about that alot as well. Whether you like it or not. So, in addition to all the noise from before, get ready for more shit you probably don't really care about reading.

Also, I still curse alot. So, if you don't want to read dirty wordies, you should probably go somewhere else for your bullshit blog purposes. See everybody again soon. Or not. Really depends on if I actually do another update after tonight.

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