New Comics Day

New Comics Day was yesterday, and it was another great day for comics! I seem to be noticing that I'm enjoying my comics experience more now that I'm only buying books that I really enjoy. Also, I'm getting pretty fond of doing these reviews on Thursday, instead of Wednesday, so look forward to more of this in the future. So, without further rambling, let's check the list!AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #573
While I readily admit to early speculation that Anti-Venom was the dumbest character concept I'd heard in years, can I just comment on how fucking badass he is? However, I would really love to know what happened between his fight with Venom and his appearance at the end of this issue. Because I'm pretty sure that made no fucking sense. Or did I just miss something?

Of course, the real reason you should be interested in this issue (no offense to the creators) is the special Spider-Man/Stephen Colbert story in the back of the issue. I'm sure nobody expected a golden performance by the characters here, but I really wish it had been a little funnier. Granted, fans of the show will get a lot of chuckles at the inside-jokes,
and Spider-Man even gets a few witty comments that are actually witty. I think it just felt
way too rushed. I would've totally shelled out a few bucks for a full issue story.

To say I grew up a fan of the Ghostbusters is a bit of an understatement. I had all the toys. Even though they (for reasons I've yet to figure out) made Egon blonde. Even though most of the "ghosts" they busted on the TV show (or that came as toys) weren't actually ghosts at all. That didn't matter, because I was an impressionable kid who loved him some Ghostbusters. You could've sneezed into a paper bag and told me it was ectoplasm and I would gladly have paid you for it. Really, it wasn't healthy (mostly due to handling bags of snot). That all changed the day my god damn mother* (Hi Mom!) gave away my Ghostbusters
Firestation playset (and most of my action figures) to charity. After that I moved on to new
and exciting adventures with X-Men action figures and eventually discovered masturbation.
It's been pretty much the same since then. But today, I read this book, and I now have the
strangest urge to buy some snot. Anyone selling?

Just a word of warning to anyone considering buying this book. Not once, in this entire damn story, does Jimmy Olsen turn into a gorilla. In fact, the book has a marked absence of wacky and/or zany things. No mysterious gaining of super powers, no time travel, no slightly disturbing antics by the Jimmy Olsen Fan Club. Is it good? I guess in the only way that a book that doesn't involve Jimmy Olsen turning into a gorilla can be, sure.

This, on the other hand? 100% zany. Seriously, if you're not already reading this, you really need to stop being fucking stupid. This issue not only features Sentry fightin Ursus The Ultra-Bear, but also takes a moment to highlight Truman Capote's long, traumatic history with bears. Yeah, you read that right.

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