(slightly delayed) New Comic Book Day - 09/04/2008

Well, it's Thursday yet again, which means it's time for another one of those "Ryan talking about comics and making fart jokes" posts that I seem to do here every so often. After all the comics I bought last week, I wasn't sure if I would be able to finish them all in time for this weeks books. In fact, I actually just finished the last of last weeks pull just this morning. What was the big delay in reading, you ask? Well, I had to travel out of town for a few days this weekend, and then Sunday I spent at Dragon*Con here in Atlanta. Met some cool folks and bought some cool stuff, but I'll save that for a later post. Now it's time for comics!
I've heard a lot of complaints about this villain called Hush, and I really don't see what everyone hates about him so much. Granted, all I have to go on is this one issue so far, but he seems pretty on-par with the rest of the crazies in Batman's world. He's no Mr. Zsasz, but still a pretty cool character so far. More importantly, this issue is fairly Scarecrow-heavy, and that is very rarely a bad thing!

Is page 3 of this book the most hilariously misleading page ever printed ever? I'm pretty sure it is. Honestly, I was kind of disappointed to turn the page and find out that furry rape was not going to be a prevailing theme in the issue. Overall though, this book is pretty good. My only complaint is that it seems to not be able to decide if it's
a serious book or a funny book, and not in the good way like Cable and Deadpool. But, I can't complain too much about it. Definitely a fun read, and definitely very kid-friendly. That said, if any kids are reading this blog, maybe you should tell your parents to do a better job.

A bunch of super heroes turn into monkies. I'm pretty sure that's all I really need to say about this. But, I guess I should also say this. SUPER HEROES TURN INTO FUCKING MOKIES!

First off, let me just say that Cliff Chiang knows how to draw a damn cover. This issue was good, but not as good of a start as I was hoping for with this series. Though, with Gail Simone penning it, I can't imagine the it will be a bad read in the future. The concept set up in this first issue sounds like it holds all sorts of potential badassery.

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