New Comic Book Day - 09/10/2008

Comics. Am I right, guys? I mean, we all read them. But what do they really mean? I'm not really sure why you think you're going to find answers to questions like that here!

This had pencils by Ken Lashley, instead of series regular artist Ariel Olivetti. I was a bit worried, as the last book I read that Olivetti did art on kind (Punisher War Journal) seemed to lose alot of it's appeal to me once he left the book. And honestly, I was a bit disappointed when I first opened this issue up. Because, well, Lashley an
Olivetti have wildly different styles. But really, as I sit here and look at it, the Lashley's pencils with Frank D'Armata's colors look pretty fucking awesome. I have a hard time getting through the story because I get so caught up looking at the detail in the backgrounds and crazy explosions. Also, did I mention that almost half of this book involves fighting giant bear-armadillo hybrids? Yeah, I'm pretty sure I mentioned that...

Ok, so I understand that Secret Invasion is the big hot thing right now in the Marvel U, and I realize that making fun of the current big hot thing is kind of Deadpool's whole reason for existing, but I kind of wish they hadn't gone that route. Don't get me wrong, the book was still really good, I just couldn't enjoy it to the fullest because I am so fucking sick of Skrulls. Otherwise, it was great. The funny side of Deadpool's personality has been turned down a lot from where it was towards the end of Cable and Deadpool, but that's not really a bad thing. You get to see a lot of badical fights, and the jokes are still there, but the whole thing seems to be more driven by the plot than by the jokes.

I'll be totally honest, I bought this book because I thought it was called Wolverine Sausage. Turns out, it's not. There's not even a single thing about deliciously-seasoned ground meats in this entire book. What a rip.

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