New Comic Day - 07/02/2008

It's new comic book day. Actually, it might be the Best New Comic Day Ever!?! Let's check the list!
Well, this is the last issue of the mini-series. I would say that I’m sad to see the character go, but after reading the last page, I’m not so sure that I’ll have to be. Looks like somebody at Marvel is picking up what I’m throwin’ down.

I don’t care much for the art here, but Warren Ellis writes the best damn Emma Frost around. ‘Nuff Said.

Am I the only one who has absolutely no fucking clue what is going on? Opening this book, I feel like I’ve missed several issues since #677. That said, this book is getting just strange enough to make me want to keep buying it.

Yet another really entertaining issue from this creative team. I’ve noticed that a lot of my favorite comics these days are ones that are more accessible to younger readers. In my opinion, this is the best DC has to offer in that category. This book somehow finds a way to be action-packed and funny, with consistently great art, and still have interesting and clever twists and turns. Next issue will be Matt Sturges’ first issue as writer on the series. I’m not too familiar with his work, but I’m hoping that this book will continue to be fantastic after the change.

What can I say about this issue? Overall, I loved it. I think Swierczynski writes the best Cable ever, and (as always) Mr. Olivetti delivers the goods in the art department. The whole series has basically re-written the general attitude of Cable They’ve made the character much more enjoyable, and far less “90’s guy with a metal arm and big guns”. This issue, however, really redefines characters that have just been made within these first 5 issues. Seeing Cable’s new waitress friend in full battlesuit with guns blazing was classic to me.

What killed it for me was on the second page. We get a big close-up of the babies eyes. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, so I won’t. Let’s just say it looks like I’m going to be really disappointed with the series sometime soon.

When I first opened this book, I thought the art was going to be the death of me. It’s really rough. When I say really rough, I mean it looks like Howard Chaykin’s Cat took a dump on Leinell Yu’s art. The art was scary bad. But as I read through it, it kind of grew on me. The art did a pretty good job of reflecting the jumbled mind of the Joker. I’m pretty excited to see next issue’s take on the Penguin

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this once before, but I’ll say it again. If you love things that are too awesome to comprehend, buy this damn book. There are dinosaurs and guns and cowboys and dinosaurs and explosions. It’s pretty bitchin.

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