New Comic Day: 06/18/2008

It's that time again. This week was a surpsingly good week for comics, even though none of my usual favorites were on the shelves. Let's see what's on the big ol' scroll today.
And now, for the highlights!

There’s not much I can say about this mini series that I haven’t said in previous reviews. If you’re a fan of old Captain America action, this is a book for you. More run-ins with giant crystal monster like in the past 3 issues, but this issue has the added highlight of giving a littlie glimpse at what the whole of the avengers team is like in this alternate future. I have to say, with hardcore motherfuckers like Speedball and Jubilee on your team, nobody will dare to fuck with you. For fear of razzledazzles.

Ever wondered what the Black Night would look like as a human anatomy sculpture? Now you know. Also, did I mention that Skrull John Lennon is a character in this book? AND Deathlok Skrull? Just shut up and go buy it.

Women. Am I right, fellas? I mean, there you are just minding your old business and then all the sudden your crazy ex comes strolling in dressed as your sister, transport you and your close friends and family into the Negative Zone, and then she tries to kill you. All because what, you didn’t send a text message? God, Lyja, you are getting so clingy. Also greatest line from a comic this week: “Yay prison!”

On a suggestion from Rick, I decide to give this series a shot. Unfortunately the most recent back issue they had was #19, so I just decided to say screw the backstory and see if I can figure out the story as I go. Turns out, I can. I’ve never been a huge Ghost Rider fan, but this issue at least seems to be pretty good. Look like something to add to the pull list.

Having heard nothing about this series prior to this day, let me just say that this is one of the most radtastic covers I have ever seen. A raccoon in clothes with a gun bigger than it’s body? I’ll take two. Oh and also the raccoon talks. And apparently makes Spinal Tap jokes.

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