Teeny weeny magic beanie

One of the biggest perks to being a comic book geek is that you very rarely run out of stuff to do. This is because the realm of comics is multi-faceted. It's not just comics. You also have video games, television shows, unbelievably hilarious blogs, movies, and the pinnacle of all things dorky...

Table Top Gaming

That's right, today we're going to be talking about Heroclix. Now, I'll admit, I've never actually played a game of Heroclix against another actual living human being, but I like the game. I own a lot of the pieces, and I like to kill time every now and then building new themed teams and coming up with strategies and stuff. I just don't actually play it, mostly because people who play table top games are big smelly nerds who have no friends except lame-o skeezoids. This is a fact of life. For me, Heroclix is more of a creative outlet for my imagination. If I want to see a showdown between Jarvis and the Incredible Hulk, by George, I can do it!

Of course, there are limitations. Wizkids (the folks who make the game) only create so many character sets at a time, and you'd damn well better believe that out of every character set at least 3 figures are going to be wasted on yet another Wolverine. But that's where the fun and creativity gets even more... well, fun and creative. I'm talking 'bout customs bitch!

Today I bring you a custom Heroclix token which I hope fills a gap that I feel has been blatantly obvious to anyone who has ever played the game. They have DC Heroclix, They have Marvel Heroclix, but where the fuck are the ARCHIE HEROCLIX?

So, tonight, I present to you the Forsythe Pendleton "Jughead" Jones III/Captain Hero Double Sided pog!This pog costs only 15 points towards your overall team score, and really offers a neat little addition to any team. I tried to make the actual characters stand out in the abilities and powers granted to them. Let's take a look at Jughead first.Everyone knows that Jughead is the fastest runner in Riverdale. I tried to illustrate that by giving him a speed of 10. This is greatly increased over the other Archie pogs I have in the works. I also gave him Outwit because we all remember that time he convinced Moose that he'd ALREADY beaten up Reggie, that's called outwitting someone. Jughead is a smart dude, and his pog shows it.

On the flip side of the coin (pun TOTALLY freaking intended) we have Jughead's super-hero alter-ego from the Super-Teens story arc, Captain Hero. But, before we get into Captain Hero's stats, I have to explain to you a special rule for using this character. Before you can flip over the token, you have to say the magic phrase. Just like Jughead did in the comics.
"Teeny weeny magic beanie,
Pointing towards the sky;
Give me muscle, power, vigor,
Form a super guy!"
So, you have to say that. Out loud. In front of your friends. No, actually, even if you're just alone in your room and want to look at the other side of the pog you HAVE to say it. Hell, if you're reading this right now, say it before scrolling down. Ok, so now that we've got that out of the way, let's check out CH's stats!Captain Hero gets all of Jughead's stats+2, as well as two new abilities. I gave him Flurry on accident, actually. I meant to give him Blades/Claws/Fangs to demonstrate that one time he turned his head into a giant drill, but oops, i put it in the wrong place, so instead let's say I gave him flurry because now he can move faster or something? I dunno. I'd fix it, but i'm already pretty far into this post, so.....

I also gave him Perplex because, like the rest of the Super-Teens, Captain Hero has a "mind-fogger" that makes people forget who his alter-ego is. See, you use that and it Perplexes them, get it? Eh? yeah, you get it.

So, there you go, enjoy! Also be on the lookout for a cool new custom figure from my good buddy Dale. You know, from the Internet?


Stephen said...

so you play heroclix by your self. i would wager that that is nerdier than actually playing it with other humans.

Ryan said...

shhhh, no one must know my shameful secret!