Marvel/DC Throwdown - Aquaman vs. Namor!

So, i've been thinking lately about the plethora of character styles that exist between the Marvel and DC universes. They've both got badass archer guys (Hawkeye/Green Arrow), super-strong guys who fly around in the air wearing brightly colored costumes (Superman/Thor or I guess maybe Sentry). Then you've got Mr. Fantastic/Plastic Man, Apocalypse/Darkseid, Wolverine/Jimmy Olsen. I think you see the pattern. Everyone seems pretty evenly matched in their ability to kick ass.

But then, when you get to the category of "guys who live underwater", things get a bit hazy. Let me preface this by saying this is not an "Aquaman sucks so bad 'cuz he sucks" post. I genuinely like Aquaman comics. What I am saying is that nobody can deny the glaring differences between Aquaman and Namor. Both rule Atlantis and live underwater, sure. But Aquaman can talk to fish, whereas Namor can't. And Namor, well he... he can fly around on little wings on his feet. So with such vast differences, it stands to reason that one must be better than the other. I am no expert in the undersea arena, so for expert advice, I decided to turn to Westchester Is For Lovers' Senior Aquatic Authority, Aqualad. Over to you Aqualad.
Oh, right, sorry. I forgot, 'Tempest' is a bit touchy about his old name. I apologize, go right ahead, Tempest.
Um.. actually, Tempest, while we're on the topic of names. I thought I told you, it's not 'Aquaman' anymore, it's just Ryan now. But that's ok, it's no big deal. But anyways, who is this guy you're talking about? You know the unbeatable badass who has all your powers AND the ability to fly? Oh. Right...
Thanks for clearing that up, Aqualad!

[Also, a big thanks to my favorite DC blogger Scipio over at The Absorbascon, who provided the Aqualad picture]


Scipio said...

Actually, you who Aqualad is actually referring to?

The Human Flying Fish.

Namor is the Marvel equivalent of the Human Flying Fish.

Ryan said...

Well, ok. I'll give you that.