Another one of those youtube posts

Ok, so i've been hunting around for episodes of the Super Friends on the internet, and came across a few selected scenes on YouTube. Now, I've just got to say, what the hell is wrong with this cartoon. I mean, I realize that it was made for children, who generally don't give a crap about "stuff being even remotely based in reality", but COME ON! Watch this clip and tell me, do any of these brilliant plans make any sense at all? Do they?


Stephen said...

hold on so if you tie sinestro to his yellow dinosaur the yellow dinosaur will attack sinestro. that must be why sinestro never makes yellow dinosaurs in the comics. man superfriends rules. oh and the whole capital being a legion of doom flying saucer totally possible nowadays luthor was president so he refitted national monuments incase he had to make a quick escape.

Jason said...

Oh you know Cheney has retro-fitted every single govt. building with some Goldfinger-esque escape craft. That dude is Luthor.

I watch this with my kid every once and awhile and find myself getting mad that the Superfriends never punch any of their opponents. What's the use of being a superhero if there's no punching?

Ryan said...

I've always secretly hoped for a "lost episode" where the accidentally kill someone. Maybe superman freezes them to death with his ice breath.

Rich said...

Super Friends: Murder of the Wonder Twins

I'd watch that.