Sweet Christmas Coverage! vol.1

Twas the morning of Christmas, I was stuck at my work
for no real reason, 'cept my boss is a jerk

Heh. Just kidding Jeff, just needed something to rhyme with work. So yeah, 7AM, here I am. Hungover. Stuck at work. On Christmas. For the next 12 hours. But you know what, Dear Reader? Lucky you, that's what! Because 12 is also the amount of posts i'm going to do today! That's right, today is the perfect day for me to begin my


Every hour, on the hour, I'll be posting a new Christmas-themed post for your reading pleasure. First up on the menu?
Kneel Before Klaus!

This panel comes to us from the pages of Badger #70, and from our friends over at Random-Happenstance

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