U.S. 1

So, I was reading over at Blogzarro today, and came across a beautiful gem of a comic called US 1. The comic is basically about a guy who drives a semi truck in space or something equally as fucking nuts. Everything about these books screams hilarity, and I cannot wait to go buy them. What makes this comic series sound so good, you ask? Let's look at the cover of the very first issue.
Not only does this comic feature:

A) a man in a headband (twice!)
B) what appears to be a werewolf getting struck by lightning
C) a semi truck driving off of a cliff

It has all that plus HIGH ADVENTURE TRUCKING DOWN THE HIGHWAY! That is what makes this comic undeniably cool. HIGH ADVENTURE TRUCKING DOWN THE HIGHWAY is all it takes to turn a comic from potentially lame to absolutely, melt-your-face-off fantastic! Let's try a graphical explanation.As you can clearly see, Amethyst Princess of Gemworld #10 looks pretty lame (however, it is in fact one of the greatest comics ever written, but we'll save that for later). Looks lame, that is, until you add HIGH ADVENTURE TRUCKING DOWN THE HIGHWAY! See the difference it makes? It works with everything. Try it.

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