The great pilgrim conspiracy

No, this isn't a post about this kind of pilgrim, though I have a feeling that he may be related to this terrible conspiracy against me.

I'm talking about the other kind of pilgrim. The kind that wears silly hats with buckles on them. I mean the bad kind of pilgrim!
So, by now you're probably asking yourself, "what is this crazy pilgrim conspiracy against Ryan?". Well, I'll tell you. They don't want me to know what happens next in Messiah CompleX.

I went to my local comic shop today. Messiah CompleX chapter 5 was sitting right there on a table. I picked it up and carried it to the counter and the guy said the worst thing i've heard all week.

"I can't sell you that until tomorrow"

I thought it was bad when my parents told me my little brother had been eaten by a cougar while waiting for the school bus on Monday morning, but knowing that I can't buy comics on New Comics Day makes that seem so trivial.

So, what's the deal? I'll tell you what's the deal. You know those people we call the pilgrims? Do they remind you of anyone else? Let's say, maybe these guys?Crazy, religious group? Check. Loves ruining peoples day? Check. I don't need any more proof than that to make me a believer. The Pilgrims were Purifiers and they made Thanksgiving so that they could track down the mutant messiah in secret. Also it means that I'm the Mutant Messiah! It does! Sweet!

When you're done having your mind blown, you might want to get yourself to a hospital.

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