Help! I'm Trapped in the Silver Age!

So, New Avengers #35 came out on wednesday. And, like I said before, I was pretty excited to see how Bendis and Yu worked the whole "Venom symbiote bonding to Wolverine" thing. So, I bought the issue. But, even as I walked to the counter of the comic book shop, I had the gut-sinking feeling that this issue was going to be a huge stinky piece of poopy. Guess what, folks? Wolverine doesn't actually appear in this issue (which surprised me, considering my last blog) . All you see of anything related to Wolverine, or symbiotes for that matter, is a one panel shot of a T.V. news channel on the very last page of the issue.

Turns out, the whole comic is just a bunch of lame baddies sitting around talking. Sure, there is a little bit of action, but not much. Let's do the math!

Talking/Otherwise Boring Stuff: 77 Panels
Action: 33 Panels
Not related to anything from the cover: 109 Panels

So, there you have it. Mathematical proof that Brian Michael Bendis is a douche.

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